Your First Step… Book a Complimentary Discovery Session


A Complimentary Discovery Session is an Fun and Energizing conversation where we get to know each other and for me to learn about your specific needs and desires at this time.

In this powerful and healing conversation, you will experience what coaching with me feels like, and together we will assess if we are a good match and which program makes sense for you at this time.

Coaching and Energy Healing are very personal and unique experiences and I trust my clients ability to discern what is right for them. 

I only work with clients who are ready to change and want to invest in their holistic health and that process. 

I am committed to co-creating life long habit change with my clients. Not a quick fix, but a deep and meaningful transformation that is satisfying for them.

I believe that we all know in our hearts what we truly want and need. Sometimes it just takes a little time and love to get clear on what that is. Let's explore this in your Discovery Session so you can move forward to the next level whatever that is for you!




What if there was nothing wrong with you to fix? What would today look like? What would you do?

You can experience this through one-on-one health coaching with me in a safe, inspiring, and fun environment, either in-person or via phone or Skype.

Each session will begin with a discussion about your current progress thus far, reviewing the methods you have used to move forward. Then, I will give you recommendations and actions steps to continue your journey towards health and happiness.



Our retreats are intimate days we offer throughout the year with a small group of women focusing on your mind, body and soul. We powerfully guide and laser coach you to your personal magic so you walk away with these results:

  • Create your personal and professional intentions and goals.

  • Connect to your body.

  • Embrace and choose your desires.

  • Community with the other women present.

  • Experience of what slowing down and rest truly provides.

  • Enjoy nutritious and nourishing Food and have time to eat it.

Energy Work


Energy Clearings offer you incredible tools to help speed your personal progress and remove the blocks that are holding you back from your true potential.

With these clearings, you will experience a deeply personal clearing for your emotional, physical, and subtle body.

  • Each session is uniquely crafted to support your mental, spiritual, and emotional health.

  • Sessions may include sound healing, crystal medicine, chakra clearing, and ceremonial principals from Vedic, Feng Shui, and earth-based traditions.

  • Energy Clearing can be offered for your body and auric field as a separate session or integrated into your program.




Do you regularly leave a client meeting or a party feeling emotionally and physically drained?

After you spend time with a negative person, do you feel angry, sad, or tired yourself? When you watch the news, do you have trouble letting go of upsetting stories?

If so, you may want to strengthen your muscles of healthy boundaries. If you are a sensitive and empathetic person and don't want to compromise your own health or energy anymore, one of our workshops are for you.

A Miracle Food Program

Fall in Love with Foods that Heal you!

My clients come to me after seeing many doctors, nutritionists and trying many diets. Most of the time they are frustrated and want to change, but they are overwhelmed with too much information and eager to simplify and find peace with food and their bodies. Food and eating has become a hassle, filled with anxiety or fear. My clients are ready for help.

I am clear up front. I am not into a quick fix. I am dedicated to life long change for my clients and myself. I teach quick and simple ways to be healthy, happy and free through food and lifestyle changes.

After counseling hundreds of women over 20 years, my experience shows me that people change and grow over time in a beautifully remarkable way.

It is my experience that when people begin to eat whole foods their bodies immediately begin to heal and they start that journey of life long change!

I have seen miracles happen for people over and over again as they practice this skill of mindful healthy eating.

I trust my clients.

They are brilliant and highly intelligent. Some of my clients know more about food and cooking than I do. I work with people who know that their lives will improve tremendously when they are being nourished by high quality delicious food each day, but are having trouble practicing that. They come to see me because there is a gap between what they ‘know’ they ‘should’ do and what they’re actually doing. I help them eliminate this gap and integrate the things they know and also teach strategies that are new.

My clients already know that they would like to change their eating patterns and move forward and would like clear guidance and loving support. They are ready for life-long change.


"Nothing is good or bad but thinking that makes it so."
–William Shakespeare

I believe like many of my colleagues that Food is Medicinal. It is not good or bad.

All food has an effect of some kind and we want to learn what foods affect us in what ways and how to become empowered to keep choosing the ones that heal us and make sense. That is a very personal journey as no two humans are alike.


"I’ve always believed that if people are given a healthy choice, they will choose it and if they choose it often enough it will soon be their only choice." 
-Terces Engelhart

The body is smarter than the mind. When nourished and cared for it will move in the direction of harmony and health. We live in a world riddled with chemical and addictive foods that cause us to over eat, under eat and develop all kinds of ‘dis’eases in the body. It is a process to retrain the body and get to a natural state. This is where my job comes in, to walk you step by step through the retraining process, helping you release old blocks, beliefs and habits and get back into balance keeping it simple, easy and fun!

When the body is given nourishing whole foods it naturally finds it’s way back to balance, back to health. My clients faces get brighter, their thoughts clearer, and their lives transform with simple and profound habit changes.