Whole Foods

What if eating healthy was simple and delicious? Whole foods are natural foods, not processed. They include a wide range of proteins, vegetables, whole grains, fruit, and more. We start our work by introducing delicious whole foods into your diet, to help your body get into balance and heal your health concerns.

When we explore whole foods, we are looking for things that will nourish your body, that you love to eat, and that are delicious. The sense of discovery is not about a regiment or restrictive way of eating. Instead, it's about asking yourself how you simply get the most nutritious and delicious food in your body everyday and sustain that for a lifetime? This is a precious skill to be honored and learned and the benefits are tremendous!


Soul Foods

Soul foods are all the things that feed us beyond the food on our plate. This can include sleep, exercise, movement, touch, sex, fun, expressing ourselves, being in nature, meditation, breathing, the jobs we have, who we live with, who we are in relationships with, art… Really, anything that “feeds our soul” is soul food.

In our work, we discover which soul foods are for you. Which are you currently getting? What are you not getting? And how can you get the "soul food" nourishment you need everyday? This is our journey together.

Our Journey

As we become more confident, building the muscle of our intuition and continuing to practice balancing both kinds of food, we start to create a healthy and fulfilling life for ourselves. When you are able to find your truth in all areas of your life, and you live that truth moment by moment, that’s when the magic begins! That is my experience and the experience of my clients.

In your coaching sessions with me, you will learn how to maintain a healthy balance of whole foods, (the food on our plate), and soul foods (all the things in life that feed our soul).

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