Welcome and Hello! My name is Alice Moore and I have a passion for helping women transform their relationship to the food on their plate and learn to feed their souls.

This passion has led me to coach and support women for over 16 years and I love it.

Miracles happen when we eat delicious natural foods and have a practice that connects us each day with the "food that feeds our souls”. While you are here, you can click "MIRACLES" at the top of this page and read testimonials of women whose lives have transformed in ways they always dreamed of.

If you are still struggling with your relationship to food and your body, there are solutions to bring you peace with how to eat and what to eat. 

Feel free to Email me at alicemoorehealth@gmail.com and I will share how my programs provide simple solutions to create true health.

I personally have benefited greatly from mentors and healers who have held my hand through the process of change and transformation and it is an honor to do the same for others. 

Thank you for visiting!


In gratitude,